In The News

How to beat the startup slump


My advice in BusinessZone on how to beat the startup slump.

The Rise of Millennial Entrepreneurs


I discuss how a new generation is changing the way things are done.

AI In The Workplace: Why Robots Won’t Replace Humans


Good News! I wrote about how AI won’t be taking all of our jobs just yet.

EVENT: Thurs 20th April 7pm, meet the man who wants to invest £1m in Croydon startup ideas


Tomorrow I’ll be giving a masterclass on making your business idea investment-ready. Who knows, I might even invest in your idea myself!

How will virtual reality transform workplace training?


My take on the potential of Virtual Reality to transform workplace training and beyond.

Is an angel investor the next step to growth for Coconut Chilli founder?


How to solve a problem like Navina? My tips for retaining control of your business after investment.

What not to do with your investment now you’ve got it


My three DON’Ts for using your investment.

Business Rates Rise: What Will the Upcoming Changes Mean for UK Start-ups?


I share my vision for how the business rates rise will affect the UK start-up landscape – and how to end up on top of the hill!

3 Reasons Your Startup Might Not Receive Investment


Too often entrepreneurs seeking investment focus on their pitch or their appearance. In this article, Raj delves into the problems at the heart of business ideas which stop them receiving investment.

Time is your most valuable commodity; here’s how entrepreneurs can get some back


I share my wisdom on the best ways to free up your most valuable commodity – your own time.

Reel Business

Preparing to deliver an Oscar-worthy investment pitch


My investment pitch advice in Real Business for budding entrepreneurs.

Leeds Business Review by Henry Burkinshaw


Graduate’s Art Business, receives Apprentice style applause for ‘Hire an Artist’.

Where’s Wally: How to spot the investor perfect for you


Real Business feature the second article in a series I am writing for them regarding start-up investments.

How Brexit will affect UK app developers and consumers


My view on how Brexit will affect UK app developers and consumers.

Windygates pair launch unique student job app


Fife Today mentions my startup investment in UniJobApp.

Apprentice’s Raj Dhonota backs students’ ‘Tinder’ job-search app


UniJobApp, a job search app developed by students in Scotland gain RD’s backing.

Apprentice star backs student jobs ‘Tinder’ app


Evening Times covers the progress of my Startup investment UniJobApp.

Reel Business

Signs that you should start looking for investment


Implementing an Investment Plan into your Business.

Getting to know you: Raj Dhonota


My business advice for a Startup in an interview with Business Matters Magazine.

Challenges Of Running A Business In Multiple Timezones


My take on managing business in multiple time zones in Huffington Post.

Why most pre-seed partnerships fail (and what you can do to stop it)


I share my experience with Business Zone on why so many co-founder relationships fail.

​7 signs your start-up is ready to expand its team


Growth Business publish my seven signs that your start-up is ready to start adding numbers to your team.

British Asian achievers share secrets of early starts


I share the secrets of my early starts with Eastern Eye along with other British Asian Achievers.

Fresh Business Thinking

Seven signs your start-up is ready to expand its team


Don’t know when you are ready to expand your start-up team? Here are seven signs that your start-up is ready to start adding numbers to your team.

Apprentice star invests £50,000 in Leeds Trinity graduate business


Business Matters covers my investment in graduate start-up business Hire An Artist.

When I invest in startups it’s 99% the team and 1% the idea


Business Zone discuss what I look for when deciding on a pre-seed investment.

BBC News

BBC Journalist Johnny I’Anson Interview With Raj Dhonota


Johnny l’Anson on BBC Radio Leeds radio interview with Gareth Craven ‘Hire an Artist’ and Raj Dhonota.

Timing An International Expansion In A Post-Brexit Landscape


Looking To Expand Overseas In A Post-Brexit Landscape? My advice in the Huffington Post will give you an indication of what to think about.

Former Apprentice contestant invests £50k in Leeds Trinity graduate startup business


Bdaily talks about my investment in Leeds Trinity graduate start-up business Hire An Artist.

Entrepreneurs Echo Call After Parker Review


Raj Dhonota demanding boardroom diversity.

Why That Investor Rejected You


Ever been rejected by an Investor? This may point to the reason why.

Anger over Amber Rudd’s “abhorrent” anti-immigrant proposals


My view on the poorly thought out proposal for businesses to name their ‘foreign’ workers.

Down but not Out’ – £150,000 for a Homeless-preneur


The press release my team issued regarding my intention to find and invest in a homeless person.

New tyre price website to champion local fitters


My latest start-up investment is mentioned in The Yorkshire Post.

Student sets up website to get the young involved in EU debate


The Jewish Chronicle speaks about my investment in JustDebate.


Recfluence aims to turn recruitment’s reputation around


My latest venture to launch makes headlines in a leading industry publication.

BBC News

Top tips on launching an app


My tips for launching a killer app in an interview with the BBC.

Ethnic workers ‘have greater ambition to succeed’


What I think of the fact that ethnic minorities are still being discriminated against in the workplace.


A Podcast With LawyerFair


A podcast with LawyerFair discussing what I look for in early stage investments.

The Memo Icon

The Apprentice: 7 former candidates who found success in tech


An article discussing former Apprentice stars who have made a name for themselves in tech.

Education Technology Icon

Breaking Stereotypes: Girls in Tech


An article on how I helped support young female entrepreneurs in technology.

Fresh Business Thinking

How to find an angel investor


Fresh Business Thinking publish my advice on how to find an angel investor.

Six Things to ask your angel investor


My advice on what you need to ask any potential angel investor as published by Real Business.

Fresh Business Thinking

How to seek Angel Investment


My article on what you need to know about seeking angel investment as published by Fresh Business Thinking.

Cover Feature: My Journey to Date


Talk Business cover page interview about my journey to date and why I’m helping start up through my start up fund.

How to make the most of social networking


Business Works publish my article on how to make the most of social networking for your business.

Thoughts on the budget- how do they compare with yours?


Business Advice Service Blog asks four business owners, including me, on our verdict of how far the Budget went in supporting small businesses.

A Small Business guide to alternative funding


The Guardian writes about the various funding options available to small businesses including my Start Up fund.

Budget 2014 Ignored Start-Ups


Huffington Post publish my response to the 2014 Budget and why I felt it ignored start-ups.

More opinion on the Budget 2014

20.Mar.2014 publish some of my comments on the Budget 2014.

Budget 2014 and Start Ups


My comments on what the Budget 2014 did for start-ups.

Budget 2014 and Exports


Business Zone detail my response to the measures announced for companies looking to export.

Budget 2014: Live Panel


Follow my live reaction on the 2014 Budget as a member of the Accounting Web expert panel.

What I Want From the Budget 2014


What I would like to see from the upcoming Budget announcement for entrepreneurs and small businesses…

The Budget 2014: What Small and Growing Businesses want to see


My hopes on what I would like to see emerge as a result of George Osborne’s fifth budget.

What do angel investors look for in a new venture?


My reasoning on what makes investors interested in you and your business.

Fresh Business Thinking

Making The Right Decisions


An article published by FreshBusinessThinking on how to make the right decisions for your business.

Internships are failing SMEs and Graduates


Huffington Post publish my article on why the Internship Scheme is failing both SMEs and Graduates.

Having Trouble Remaining Inspired?


Here are my 9 tips for finding inspiration when you need it most.

How to manage risk


My advice on the various options available to manage risk in your business.

How to Value Your Business


An interview on page 39 with Elite Magazine involving other experts on how to value your business.

How I bounced back from bankruptcy


An interview with Real Business detailing how I bounced back from bankruptcy.

More Kent Messenger Coverage


KM Kentish Express (Ashford & District), Gravesend Messenger, KM Faversham News and KM Dartford Messenger have all covered my start-up fund news.

Five minute money masterclass: how to value your business – Adam Pescod


Elite Business article and my advice on how to calculate the worth your business for an investment or exit.

Reel Business

Knowing when to exit your business


An interview with RealBusiness covering the topic of when to know it’s a good time to exit your business.

Enterprise East London


Enterprise East London cover news of my start up fund.

Kent Messenger Discuss My Start Up Fund


My ex-local newspaper, the Kent Messenger, published an article regarding my start up fund.

Ex Apprentice contestant Raj Dhonota from Dartford sets up £1m StartUp Fund for New Businesses


Kent Online article on how my entrepreneurial background and experience has directed me to pledge £1m to StartUps.

Elite Business Magazine Exclusive


An exclusive interview with Elite Business Magazine. Great interview and very well written feature.

Former Apprentice contestant launches £1 Million Start Up Fund


HR Review article on my initiative to kickstart two new businesses each week in 2014. on My Start Up Fund

8.Jan.2014 also publish news about my Start Up Fund.

My Start Up Fund in

8.Jan.2014 publish details of my New Year’s Resolution and Start Up Fund.

What Makes A Good Boss


Business Today Magazine published my view on the skills and attributes required to make a good boss. It’s on page 26 and 27.

My Start Up Fund in


The Business Zone writes about my start up fund and aim to support 2 start-up businesses each week.

My £1,000,000 New Year’s Resolution


Find it if you can! My New Year’s resolution for 2014 to help launch 2 startups a week made it into Talk Business Magazine.

Reel Business

How to find an angel investor


An article in Real Business on some of the ways you can find an angel investor.

Crowdsourced Guide To Business


Available at Amazon – a book I contributed to along with other very successful and experienced entrepreneurs.

Autumn Statement 2013: Everything small businesses need to know


My view on the Autumn Statement 2013 and what it means for small businesses.

How to impress an angel investor


So you have managed to secure an interview with an Angel Investor. Here are some tips to ensure that interview concludes successfully.

Over 30s: The Forgotten Generation of Entrepreneurs


My thoughts on schemes such as Virgin StartUp which target only the younger generation of entrepreneurs at the expense of the undesirable over 30’s!

Five tips and tech tools to stay focused


Having your own business inevitably means having to deal with lots of tasks. Here are some tips on how you can stay focused and in control.

How to Nurture Young Entrepreneurial Talent


An article I wrote on how to nurture nurture raw entrepreneurial talent and help them begin their journey into self-employment.

Improve your focus and stay in control


Publication of an article I wrote for people looking to manage an ever growing and demanding set of tasks without losing focus on what’s important.

Reel Business

How to remain focused and in control


My original article on how to stay in control of a growing task list and what techniques you can use to prioritise what needs to be done.

Improve Focus and Stay in Control


A publication by the Huffington Post of my advice on how to stay in control of a growing task list and techniques that you can use to prioritise your task backlog.

Beyond Malala: six teenagers changing the world


Zea Tongeman was one of the finalists from the AppsForGood Annual Awards that I was impressed by and decided to back their business idea.

14 Y/O Says “Geeks Are Cool” & Creates Innovative App To Prove It


A news article covering the decision I made to help fund and launch the AppsForGood Jazzy Recycler’s Reclycling App by Zea Tongeman and Jordan Stirbu.

Are Women the Future of Tech Entrepreneurs?


An interview describing my experience with women tech entrepreneurs and the clear increase in the number of women entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

Being a tech geek is cool, I should know, I am one


An article in The Guardian about my latest investment Jazzy Recyclers – founded by Zea Tongeman and Jordan Stribu.

Zea Tongeman on BBC World News talk about Little Miss Geek Tech Clubs


An interview on BBC News with Zea Tongeman talking about the mobile application we are building together.

Are women the future of Tech Entrepreneurs?


An article that I contributed to on whether women are the future tech entrepreneurs.

Are women the future of tech entrepreneurs?


A news article highlighting my experiences with women tech entrepreneurs.

Make or break? What The Apprentice did for these candidates


Find out whether The Apprentice was a help or hindrance to former Apprentice stars.

The Apprentice and the fight to win ratings


A repeat of the article I wrote for The Independent.

The Apprentice: Cannon fodder in ratings war


An article written by me for the The Independent in 2009.

Where are The Apprentices now?


An article in the Daily Mirror catching up with previous Apprentices.

Life after The Apprentice: Sir Alan’s rejects hit back


An article regarding candidates that failed to win The Apprentice.

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