Five Ways to Bag That First Contract

Date: 21-Nov-2013 Post in: Startups By: Raj Dhonota

Start-up businesses can often take time to gain momentum, especially if they’re pitching a product or service that may not be a part of the mainstream market.

We’re going to briefly look at five steps you can incorporate to make sure you strike a cord with your intended audience, without being backed up by a proven track record.

Identify Needs

Unless you identify a real need for a specific product or service, you won’t have much to go on when we’re talking winning over an audience. Are you looking to provide a solution to an existing problem? Is the problem only in your mind or is it a genuine one consumers are facing? Get into the shoes of your audience and try to picture how their lives may or may not change, as a result. That’s your job; get a fix on ideal buyers.

Justifying the Need for Business

Get out there, make your presence known, but at the same time rely on good old-fashioned communication to understand what consumers want. Narrow down your target customers, and start asking questions in the form of surveys, emails or social media platforms. Go to busy business centers, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation that’s focused on consumer needs.  What this does is it leads to the realization that the problem is genuine enough for you to capitalize on, and, all the while offer a solution that people are compelled to buy into.

Keep it Simple

After getting adequate feedback from prospective customers, you are in a position to lay out a clear vision. An organization that’s in it for the long haul needs a dependable ecosystem to thrive in. This is where investor groups play a pivotal role. They will certainly be keen on knowing why the target audience is interested in incorporating your business solutions. Stick to the basics and explain your value in simple terms.

Solidify Your Vision

By the time you are ready to put your staff in place, you should be able to project your goals and vision in a way that the people working for you share the same drive and motivation. Your “story” should be compelling enough to make them understand why they’re all in it.

Adopt some of these, and surely there’s going to be very little room for failure in your business endeavors.

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