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My start up investments are for entrepreneurs that have an idea that aims to create a difference in the world we live in. My investment and support ensures that their idea transforms into reality.

For me, it is important that your idea is unique, and has the potential for garnering all the success there is. I will invest up to £150,000 to help you create and launch your idea. In addition to the investment, I and my team will be there to help mentor and support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey to give your business a much greater chance of success.

Our short term aim is to help you get the proof of concept/traction that you need to secure the next round of funding.

So, what does my investment package include?

  • Investment up to £150,000
  • Creation of a legal entity
  • Creation of a ‘Brand Name’
  • Assistance in the creation of your product or service
  • Marketing support for traction
  • Mentoring and guidance
  • Access to Investors and other Partner Networks

Got a business idea? Why Wait! Apply Now!

Startup Idea
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